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Get The Right Seeds

One of the most fundamental aspects of cannabis farming that you should never overlook is the type of cannabis seeds you will be going for.

There are many cannabis seeds available today, ranging from the feminized cannabis seeds such as blue dream feminized seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, regular weed seeds, and so on.

As such, you want to identify the type of seeds that you will be using on your farm. While doing so, consider the best type of seed that will thrive well in the environment that you intend to plant it on as well as your personal preferences.

One other strain that’s easy to grow and has a short flowering time is the northern lights strain. It flowers in 7-8 weeks and produces a great harvest.

You have the option of choosing different types of cannabis seeds for the first time to give them a try. If this proves to be hard, you can try and get recommendations from some of your friends who are into cannabis farming already.

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